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About Us!

Family. Quality. Adaptability. Commitment. Efficiency.

Round Architecture

Our Story

Hey I’m Jeff! I am born and raised in the peace country with a few short visits around Canada’s west. I have been back in Grande Prairie since 2010 after a brief stint in college down in the BC interior, there are a lot of beautiful places in this world I am sure of it, but nothing quite hits like home!


Nikka Custom Designs is my first business, definitely not my first job.  I received a college diploma in business from the GPRC in 2012, afterwards I entered the trades. By 2018 I had earned my journeyman certificate as an electrician and began work with my family’s industrial service company in Grande Prairie. After a pretty tough physical injury in summer of 2019 I ended up in an office position during my rehab which due to a few stumbling points took well over a year. By this time I no longer had a field level position and worked myself into a pretty significant role in the office our Industrial service company, and in November 2021 my mom Tracy and I purchased Nikka Services Ltd, now of course Nikka Custom Designs!


This is a very exciting undertaking for me personally, given my background in college and my family’s business background. Being a business owner/operator has always been a dream of mine, and to be able to find something small that has great growth potential in an exciting and ever-expanding community was to good an opportunity to pass up!  This business is something totally new to me, it has been a great learning opportunity and my team and I are very excited to continue to learn and grow with this business while providing great products and services to our community and beyond.


I'm Mckaya! I was born and raised here in Grande Prairie. After I graduated high school from Peace Wapiti Academy I attempted to attend some collage classes at GPRC. Unfortunately at the time I had no idea what I wanted to go to school for, so I ended up working instead. I have always had a love for animals, horses specifically, so I ended up working at Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society. I worked there for quite a while, but ended up deciding that I wanted an office job where I could avoid working outside during the cold winters of Grande Prairie. 

In February of 2022 I was searching for a job, but coming up with nothing. I didn't have much experience at the jobs that I was applying for, and there were too many people applying for those jobs that did have the experience. Fortunately for me, I have a very close knit family. When my cousin heard that I was looking for a job, he came to me with a proposition. “ How would you like to come see what I do?” At first, I was super confused because I didn’t know he had bought Nikka Services, I thought he was still an electrician! I had no desire to be an electrician, but after I cleared up that confusion, I agreed to see what he had to offer. After a couple hours I was sold. I went from having no knowledge of what a laser engraver could even do this, to thinking of all the cool projects and designs you could create with it.


It has been a huge learning curve as I came into this job with basically no knowledge of the programs or even what I could do. I still learn a lot every single day, but Nikka went from just being a job, to being a career where I could embrace being creative and somewhere I am comfortable to try all the ideas I have. Its an opportunity where I can push my self to grow this business as big as I can, and to push my self to learn all the different branches of custom design. I am honored and excited to be able to bring peoples ideas to life and help them create the designs they want to see.

Meet The Team

Megan St. Germain

Owner & Designer

Olivia Hunter

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